Which Blue Light Lens Colour Do I Need?

Which Blue Light Lens Colour Do I Need?

When it comes to blue light glasses, there are so many different colour lenses to choose from. Knowing exactly what each lens colour type does and what applications they are designed for is essential when selecting a pair of blue light glasses. Also, knowing what exact specifications to look for in each of these different colours is paramount to ensure what you're buying is going to actually work and be effective.

BlockBlueLight offers a wide range of different lens colours designed and optimised to be the most effective for different applications and situations.

The list below gives you a full detailed overview of which colour you need and the specifications of each colour to look for when choosing your blue light glasses:

Clear Lenses

   computer glasses
  • Clear lenses are used in our ScreenTime Computer Glasses range. These blue light clear lenses are designed to be used during the daytime when a person is exposed to artificial blue light coming from computer screens, phones, tablets, LED, and fluorescent lighting. These have been specifically designed to let beneficial blue light through, which is responsible for alertness, motivation, and positive mood, whilst filtering out the damaging blue light wavelengths that cause headaches, migraines, digital eye strain, and even eye damage, such as macular degeneration.

    Our ScreenTime Anti Blue Light Filter Glasses filter blue light by 50% across the entire blue light spectrum (400nm-495nm). More specifically, they filter blue light by 50% at 455nm. This is an extremely important feature you should ensure is included in your computer glasses, as the peak wavelength of blue light being emitted by digital devices is 455nm. In other words, for computer glasses to be effective, they need to be filtering this exact wavelength of blue light.

    Sadly, not all computer glasses are created equal; most computer glasses on the market only filter violet light and blue light up to 430nm. This means they aren't providing any blue light protection where it's needed the most. Make sure you opt for a brand whose computer glasses provide a full breakdown of the specification of their lenses to ensure they filter blue light across the entire blue light spectrum and focus on filtering 50% of blue light at 455nm.

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses during the day, we offer our ScreenTime Computer Glasses in a fit-over version, which allows you to put them over your existing glasses when exposed to artificial light.

    We also have the little ones covered with our Kids ScreenTime Computer Blue Light Glasses.

  • • Headaches/ Migraines

    • Digital eye strain

    • Sore, tired eyes

    • Blurred vision

    • Macular degeneration

  • computer glasses lens report

Amber Lenses

blue light blocking glasses  blue light blocking glasses


  • Next up is our SunDown Amber Lens. This lens has been specifically designed to block 100% of blue light and 43% of green light. The SunDown Amber Lens is designed specifically for evening use to increase melatonin levels and sleep quality.

    Once the sun sets in the evening, we typically turn on LED lights in our home, watch TV, and look at phones and computer screens, and all of these are very high sources of blue light. Any amount of exposure to blue light in the evening sends a strong signal to our brain that it's still daytime. The brain responds to this by suppressing our sleep hormone, melatonin, and increasing the production of our stress hormone, cortisol. This keeps us feeling awake and alert when we are supposed to be winding down and feeling relaxed. The biggest symptoms of blue light exposure at night are difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. This is why it’s extremely important to block 100% of blue light at night to ensure you are getting deep and restful sleep.

    Not all amber blue blocking glasses are the same. When looking to buy a set of blue light glasses for night-time, ensure the company can provide a lens testing report showing 100% of blue light is being blocked by their glasses, as even a small amount of blue light will send these daytime signals to your brain, which will significantly lower sleep quality.

    The SunDown Amber Lens is available in our very cost effective Original and FitOver Original range of blue light glasses. The Original range is great for someone on a budget who still wants a quality pair of blue blocking glasses that block all blue light and have the same lens technology as many of the other more expensive brands.

    We also offer our SunDown Amber Lens in our more stylish BlueBan Blue Blocking Glasses model. This is a good option for when you are going out and socialising and want something a bit more fashionable.

  • • Poor Sleep

    • Insomnia

    • High stress and anxiety in the evening

    • Jet Lag

    • Fatigue

    • Macular degeneration

Red Lenses

blue light blocking glasses


  • Lastly, we have our Nocturnal Red Lenses which are used in our NightFall range of glasses. They block 100% of blue light and 100% of green light up to 550nm. This makes them hands down the most powerful and effective blue and green light blocking lenses available.

    So why block green light? Isn’t blocking blue light enough? Well, studies now show it’s not just blue light that’s the problem; green is right next to blue in the colour spectrum, so the melatonin disruption range also extends into the green light spectrum. This means we need to block both blue and green light to get the maximum benefits.

    Sure, if you wear one of our SunDown Amber Lenses you'll dramatically improve your melatonin levels and sleep quality, but the Nocturnal Red boosts the effect even further. If you're serious about your sleep, performance, and health, these are the glasses for you.

    The Nocturnal Red Lenses are offered in 8 different models:

    • Our NightFall Premium model is designed with a full wrap-around fit with a full coverage foam barrier border. This eliminates any "light leakage" and light still getting in from the sides and top of the glasses.
    • Our NightFall Stylish models are made with a high-quality acetate frame with spring hinges in the arms. They are stylish enough to wear out in public but designed with optimal function to ensure maximum protection—the best of both worlds!
    • Our NightFall Kids Glasses are made for children between 3-10 years old and feature the same blue and green light filtering technology.
    • Lastly, we have our NightFall FitOver Glasses, which allow you to combine them with prescription or reading glasses and still get maximum protection.
  • • Poor Sleep

    • Insomnia

    • High stress and anxiety in the evening

    • Jet Lag

    • Recovery

    • Fatigue

    • Macular degeneration

  • blue light glasses lens report

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