Red Light Therapy Panels and Devices

Red Light Therapy has over 4000 published medical studies that show the effect of red light therapy panels and devices on various conditions, it has been scientifically proven in peer reviewed clinical trials. Whether you are looking to improve your sleep, heal skin injuries, reduce fine lines, fight depression and anxiety, help with neurological disease, increase fat loss, speed recovery from exercise, increase strength and endurance, fight autoimmune conditions, combat hair loss, red light therapy is a very powerful tool!

Red Light therapy-or photobiomodulation {PBM)-is a non-invasive therapy that delivers natural light to your skin and cells. BlockBlueLight uses only specific red and near infrared wavelengths that have been found to be the most clinically therapeutic, without harmful UV rays, heat, or side effects.


Red Light Therapy doesn't use drugs or surgery to boost your health. It simply uses specifics wavelengths of light, the same wavelengths of light that are also naturally emitted from the sun. Red light therapy is a process of emitting specific wavelengths of red and infrared light which have the ability to penetrate through the skin into the tissues. These wavelengths have been extensively studied and proven to have a wide range of benefits. Our Red Light Therapy Panels and Devices concentrate the specific wavelengths of this natural light creating higher and more therapeutic levels of 'natural light' than we can get be just being exposed to the sun.

Red Light therapy works at the cellular level, in your mitochondria. They're the powerhouses of your cells, always hard at work making more ATP {adenosine triphosphate) energy to fuel your body. The photons in red and near infrared light excite the electrons involved in cellular respiration, breaking up nitric oxide bonds and letting hydrogen and water move through the process. The more efficiently your cells create ATP energy through cellular respiration, the better your cells function on all levels, and the better your body feels and performs. That's a pretty simplified version of an extremely complex, microscopic process in your cells.

All BlockBlueLight Red Light Therapy Panels and Devices use 660nm and 850nm healing wavelengths with Zero flicker and the highest power red and infrared LEDs available.

Thousands of peer-reviewed clinical trials and studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of light therapy, with research showing a wide range of significant health benefits for skin, inflammation &joint pain, muscle recovery & physical performance, sleep quality, sexual performance, weight management, and many others.