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All glasses are available in Non-Prescription, Prescription and Readers

blue light blocking glasses

Night-time Glasses

Improve Sleep Quality Maximise Melatonin Levels Assist With Jet lag Red Lens & Amber Lens Options
blue light computer glasses

Daytime Glasses

Reduce Eye StrainEliminate Headaches Assist with Light Sensitivity Improve mood and energyClear lens & Yellow lens Options

Blackout Sleep masks

100% Blackout No Pressure On Eyes Suitable for Side & Back Sleepers Lightweight and Breathable
Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Improve skin health & appearance Increase performance & recovery Scar and wound healing Assist with weight loss Promotes better sleep & energy
Blue light Free Lighting

Blue Light Free Lighting

Circadian Friendly Flicker Free Technology Ultra Low EMF Optimal Day & Night Solutions
Full Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full Spectrum Technology Replicates Sun Light Boosts Mood & Wellbeing Flicker Free Technology