Blue Light Glasses For Night-time Use

Evening exposure to blue (and green) light can send an erroneous ”rise and shine” message to the brain and interrupt the processes that ensure a restful night's sleep. The biggest culprits are the devices we have now imbedded into our daily lives. Our computer screens, smartphones, lights, TVs, and even the light inside our fridge all produce high levels of blue light. Once the sun sets, even minimal exposure to blue light will cause suppression of melatonin, increase in stress levels, and circadian rhythm disruption. We have designed our SunDown and NightFall ranges of blue light lenses specifically for night-time use to lower stress levels and imporve sleep quality.


SunDown Glasses (Amber lens)

The SunDown range are designed and verified to block 100% of blue light. Using these glasses in the evening will increase melatonin levels and sleep quality. These are best worn 2-3 hours before bed for optimal results. The amber lens is an ideal option for people still wanting a high quality premium 100% blue blocking lens, but prefer a lighter amber tint over the red lens to allow more colour perception in the evening hours.

NightFall Glasses (Red lens)

Our NightFall range is the most powerful and premium lens available. These block 100% of blue light along with 100% of green light up to 550nm. Why green light? Well, green light is right next to blue on the visible light spectrum, and the melatonin disruption zone extends right into the green light spectrum. These glasses provide the most optimal blue (and green) light protection available to maximise sleep quality. The red lens is the best option for people struggling with poor sleep or insomnia, or are looking to maximise sleep quality as much as possible. Think of them as your green and blue lens glasses that fight for your sleep!