Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Our most cost-effective solution to blocking blue light is the Original Blue Light Blocking Glasses. You can get all the benefits for blocki ng blue light without spending a fortune!

    Our SunDown Amber Lens has been specifically designed and proven to block 99% of blue light from 380-500nm and 43% of green light from 500-570nm from electronic devices without distorting your vision.

    Be careful, as there are many other "blue blocking" glasses on the market that have not been verified to block all the required blue light wavelengths, which is essential in order for these glasses to be effective and provide adequate night-time protection!

    If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we offer our Original FitOver Blue Light Blocking Glasses, so you can continue to wear your glasses and still obtain maximum blue light protection.


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