ScreenTime Blue Blocking Screen Filter / Protector - iPhone

The ultimate iphone blue light screen protector made from tempered glass that filters 50% of the harmful blue light. Protection for your eyes and phone screen all in one!

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  • ScreenTime - Blue Blocking Screen Filter & Protector

    Removes Blue Light
    Our ScreenTime Blue Blocking Screen Filter and Protector is the ultimate way to reduce exposure to blue light emitted from your iPhone. The anti-blue technology filters 50% of blue light from your phone and has been built into one of the world's toughest screen protectors, which not only protects your eyes but also your phone! There is simply no better iPhone Blue Light Filter than this one, especially not one that also doubles as a blue light filter iPhone screen protector!

    Amazing protection properties
    Not only does our ScreenTime Blue Blocking Screen Protector block and reduce harmful UV and blue light rays, it is also one of the world's best screen protectors. It will protect your phone against scratches and damage by using Gorilla ultrathin tempered glass, reinforced to enhance force absorption.

    Easy Installation
    The application of the ScreenTime Blue Blocking Screen Protector could not be easier. No more crooked installations or screen protectors with annoying bubbles!

    The back side of the protector is covered in electrostatic self-adsorbed material which produces the best sticking experience. The ScreenTime Protector comes with an installation kit that makes installation fool proof and keeps your iPhone looking sharp.

    The result is perfect-touch sensitivity, as there is no air between the iPhone screen and the protector.


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