BioLight™ Full Spectrum + Infrared SAD Light Panel

  • The World's Most Optimal SAD Light Therapy Panel

    The BioLight Light Therapy Panel delivers medical-grade irradiance of full-spectrum visible light combined with board range near infrared light which replicates the natural light spectrum from the sun. This full spectrum + Infrared light therapy panel is the most optimal for SAD light therapy light boxes and is far superior to any other SAD lamp on the market.


    Why The BioLight SAD Lamp is Needed

    We now spend most of our days indoors unwittingly starving for essential natural light that our genes are programmed to respond to. Being stuck in “biological darkness” due to reduced time in biologically appropriate natural light profoundly affects every body system.

    Most of us do not spend enough time in “full-spectrum” sunlight that augments immunity, and instead spend most of our time indoors under unhealthy “limited spectrum” light that adversely impacts immunity and overall health and wellbeing.

    SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is brought on by a lack of sunlight entering our eyes which can stop the hypothalamus in the brain from working properly, resulting in our bodies producing less serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin, which can affect your sense of wellbeing, motivation, appetite, and sleep.

    Sunlight is so important for our health, energy, sense of wellbeing, motivation, and sleep,  but most people don´t get the right amount of time outdoors to experience its benefits.

    The BioLight Therapy Panel gives you a lot of the benefits of being outdoors in the sun whilst remaining indoors. The BioLight Therapy Panel may help with common issues such as winter blues, tiredness, lack of energy, low motivation, sleep issues, jet lag and shift work.


    How The BioLight Therapy SAD Light Panel Works

    LUX is a measurement of light intensity as perceived by the human eye. The outdoor light level is approximately 10,000 lux on a clear day. However inside the typical home or workplace the lighting is extremely under illuminated with unnatural artificial light spectrums that have a significantly reduced light level of only approximately 500 LUX.

    Research shows that overall wellbeing, mood, and motivation is improved by daily exposure to full spectrum light of levels higher than 3000 LUX.

    The BioLight Light Therapy Panel delivers between 3000 - 12,000 LUX of full spectrum and near infrared light. This ensures the user is obtaining the same full spectrum and LUX brightness levels as outdoor sunlight.

    The BioLight Panel literarily brings the spectrums and intensity of outdoor sunlight, indoors.

    The BioLight Light Therapy panel can assist to optimise energy, regulate your sense of wellbeing, boost motivation, and assist with circadian rhythm optimisation. It is designed to function as SAD light box, and can produce a similar energy-boosting effect much like coffee.