Are All Blue Light Glasses the Same?

Are All Blue Light Glasses the Same?

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of blue light blocking glasses, you must be wondering which ones to actually get. With such a vast number of glasses and lenses available, picking the right one can be a bit confusing. After all, how can you be sure these are genuine? How to tell the difference between fake and cheap ones? 

With our day to day lives requiring staring at screens for hours and hours, eye strain followed by headaches are becoming increasingly common. Reading this you must already be aware of how blue light can hurt your eyes. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of whether all blue light glasses are the same. 

Cheap vs Expensive Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

As a rule of thumb, it’s highly recommended you don’t waste your time and money buying cheap blue light blocking glasses. The reason is quite simple, cheap glasses DO NOT filter out the specific range of wavelengths from the light. 


What is Blue Light?

White light or natural light consists of 7 colours, just like a rainbow. And of these wavelengths the shorter ones have the biggest impact on the eyes as they carry high levels of energy. This includes green light and blue light, but we refer to them as a single spectrum. This is where cheap glasses fail to filter out the specific spectrum of light. 

It’s safe to say that the blue light coming from artificial sources, especially when exposed during the night, can have damaging effects on the eyes. 

How Cheap Glasses Cause More Harm than Good?

Cheap, or fake, blue light blocking glasses are not capable of protecting your eyes and the results are as follows:

  • You’ll suffer from eye fatigue and soreness
  • You may experience blurry vision and dry eyes
  • Your sleep pattern will be disrupted 
  • Blue light makes it difficult to fall asleep
  • Insomnia is a common side effect of blue light exposure
  • It may aggravate your migraines
  • Studies show blue light exposure can result in poor mental health

These are some of the major issues you may face by wearing fake or cheap blue light blocking glasses. 

Why Buy Expensive/Branded Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Remember, not all blue light is bad, especially the one coming from the sun. In fact, it plays a crucial role in regulating the circadian rhythm, which in turn also regulates the mood. However, it’s being exposed at the wrong time of the day that these wavelengths can be confusing to the mind and the body. 

People who work night shifts in front of the computer or professional gamers, wearing quality blue light blocking glasses can protect their health. 

There are two types of blue light blocking glasses:

Daytime computer glasses

Computer glasses

As their name suggests, these computer glasses are worn during the day and should be capable of blocking the peak wavelength by 50%. The range is 380-500nm. This wavelength causes the most harm to the retina and is the main cause of all the blue light related issues. 

With cheap glasses, they only block the violet light. 

Night-time glasses

blue light blocking glasses for night-time

Blue light causes the most harm during the night. This is why it’s important to have blue light blocking glasses that have been specifically designed to filter 100% of green and blue light. They should be red-tinted to block wavelengths upto 550nm. This is the only way they can simulate natural conditions. 

Also, you can differentiate cheap, or fake, glasses from the real ones by looking at the following:

  • A lot of sellers, especially on Amazon, sell fake computer glasses 
  • They will have the wrong wavelengths mentioned, leaving you unprotected from the peak harmful wavelength 
  • Because they don’t have the right specifications, they won’t block 100% of the blue and green light 
  • Cheap glasses mention filter ranges of 450-510nm, so what about the protection required for 520-550nm? They don’t target the complete range, leaving you unprotected!

Why Pay More for Better Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

At BlockBlueLight, we guarantee that all our glasses are capable of blocking 100% green and blue light up to ranges of 550nm. 

Our blue and green light lenses are products of years of research and rigorous testing to ensure that they offer not 99% but a complete 100% protection! Any wavelength that may lie in the melatonin disruption zone will be filtered, resulting in a restful, relaxed and deep sleep. 

Different Types of Lenses

We offer 4 different types of lenses. They are as follows:

Clear Lenses

These clear lenses have been specifically designed for daytime use. If you’re on the computer all day long, it will provide protection against the artificial light coming from the screens. It’s capable of filtering blue light by 50% across the spectrum. 

Clear lens blue light glasses

Yellow Lenses

Offering maximum protection levels during day time by 70%, these yellow lenses are perfect for preventing eye damage, migraines and headaches. They filter blue and green light across the entire spectrum.

yellow lens blue light glasses

Amber Lenses 

These amber lenses provide maximum blue light filtering of 100%. Ranging from 400nm to 500nm, you can use these at night time to lower stress levels and increase melatonin levels for a better and deep sleep.

amber lens blue blocking glasses

Red Lenses

For the highest level of protection during the night, these red lenses offer the most optimal boost to your melatonin levels. They also aid in optimising sleep. You get green and blue light filtration of 100% within the range of 400nm to 550nm.

red lens blue light blocking glasses


In Conclusion

Now you know the difference between cheap and expensive blue light filtering glasses, you can visit BlockBlueLight and look at our vast collection. By choosing the best quality glasses, you’re putting your health first!