Unwrapping Wellness: BlockBlueLight’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Unwrapping Wellness: BlockBlueLight’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than by gifting the art of wellness? Screens and artificial lighting flood our and our loved one’s worlds, and prioritising eye health and overall well-being has never been more crucial. 

 We’ve created the perfect holiday gift guide to cater to your loved ones’ diverse needs. Whether your friend is an avid gamer, fitness enthusiast or workaholic, you can buy them something they will love and use often.

Let’s look at unique and thoughtful gifts that your friends and family will love!

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  1. The Gamer
  2. The Fitness Fanatic
  3. The Digital Nomad
  4. The WFH Professional
  5. The Parent and Child Duo
  6. The Nightshift Worker
  7. The Biohacker

    The Gamer

    Best gifts for your gamer friend


    For the person in your life who always has their eyes glued to the screen, read on for the perfect range of gifts. This is the friend who’s constantly dropping gamer jargon - always excited about new games and level unlocks you can never get your head around. 

    Since they spend hours in front of screens, they may experience headaches, digital eye strain, and weary eyes. BlockBlueLight’s DayMax Glasses are great for gamers; they effectively filter the problematic wavelengths to protect the eyes and reduce such symptoms. 

    Intense gamers who enjoy longer gameplays such as ‘Monster Hunter,’ ‘Rock Band 4,’ and ‘The Longing’ may be in front of screens for over 12 hours non-stop. This means reduced natural sunlight, reduced serotonin, and a disturbed sleep cycle. If you have such a gamer friend, they’ll thank you for a full-spectrum light therapy panel. Full-spectrum light therapy panels mimic the sun’s spectrum (unlike traditional light which is mainly blue light). The panels help you feel better, have more energy, be more motivated, and regulate your circadian rhythm.

    Consider getting red light strips for room decor for a fun gift. These strips work great as a back-light to get the right gaming ambience. As with all our products, they’re health-focused. 100% blue light-free, zero flicker and low in electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.

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      The Fitness Fanatic

      Best gifts for the fitness fanatic

      We have a range of products to improve wellbeing for the fitness fanatic who lives and breathes an active lifestyle. We all have that one friend who never stops talking about ‘gains’ ‘PRs’ and ‘macros.’ They don’t go to the gym as a hobby- it’s their whole life. Our products are designed to enhance athletes’ physical performance, help them recover faster, and improve their well-being.

      Intensive workouts often lead to muscle soreness, making recovery crucial for fitness enthusiasts. The Red Light Therapy Target Torch is essential for targeted muscle recovery, alleviating soreness, and promoting faster healing. Red light therapy uses low-level wavelengths of light, typically in the red or near-infrared spectrum, to stimulate cells. This increases ATP production and blood flow and reduces inflammation for better healing.  

      A red light therapy panel is also a good gift -it’s designed for larger areas, full-body recovery and improving energy levels.

      Deep, restful sleep helps fitness enthusiasts recover and build muscle faster. Our SunDown Blue Blocking Glasses block out blue light after sundown, helping increase melatonin levels and preparing the body for a good night's sleep.

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        The Digital Nomad

        Perfect christmas presents for the digital nomad

        We all have that one friend whom no one knows where they are or what they’re doing. They constantly sending us pictures from exotic locations and give us severe fomo. Their lifestyle seems ideal, but it’s not without challenges. Digital nomads may have to sleep on planes, in hostels, shared rooms and deal with jetlag. They’ll appreciate sleep and well-being accessories as a gift this Christmas!

        Digital nomads often have to work extended hours in different lighting. They’ll enjoy computer glasses to protect their eyes, whether working in a coffee shop or a park.

        Falling asleep in new environments can be a challenge sometimes. Your digital nomad friend will thank you for a sleep mask and earplugs set. The Deluxe Delta Sleep Mask isn’t like a regular sleep mask- it blocks 100% of blue light to ensure you get night-time quality of sleep, even in a disruptive environment. 

        A reliable sleep lamp is a traveller's best friend. Our Multi-Mode Blue Blocking Sleep Lamp is rechargeable, travel-friendly and blocks 100% of blue light to ensure speedy and restful sleep. 

        Lastly, a portable red light therapy panel is a great tool to relax on the go. It offers various benefits, from improved circadian rhythms to rapid recovery after hiking.

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          The WFH Professional

          Work from home (WFH) essentials

          The lucky work-from-home professional may seem like they have it all- working from their bed in pyjamas. But with this luxury, they need effective lighting solutions, adequate blue light protection and a comfortable home office to be productive.

          To reduce digital eye strain, the DayMax Glasses are a must-have for your WFH friend, to ensure they can work comfortably and efficiently. 

          Replicating natural sunlight, the BioLight™ - Full Spectrum Light stimulates serotonin production, creating a work environment that fosters positive mood and energy. It’s the perfect addition to a home office with multiple lighting modes for different work environments. 

          After working all day, relaxing with a book is the most productive and healthy way to relax. The Twilight Red Light Book Light is 100% blue and green light-free, ensuring melatonin production for a restful sleep afterwards.

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            The Parent and Child Duo

            Best presents for the family

            If you know a parent, you know how much their life revolves around their children. For parents, it’s all about routines. Routines that make their child eat, sleep and wake on time. Routines that make their life easier. We’ve specially designed products to regulate kids’ sleep routines and make parents’ lives easier.

            For hyperactive children around bedtime, the Nightfall Blue Blocking Glasses for Kids and Parents (for use after sunset) support melatonin production and ensure kids are sleepy on time!

            The Amber Motion Night Light is great for kids who sleep with the light on or for those who wake up at night. It provides gentle illumination without disturbing sleep quality. It’s also great for breastfeeding mothers who often wake up to feed their babies at night.

            The NoBlueAmber LED Strip Lights aren’t just great for decor -they’re also blue-light-free, ensuring a sleep-friendly atmosphere for the little ones.

            Ideal for bookworms, the Multi-Mode Blue Blocking Book Light is great as a bedside table lamp for reading and all other activities- keeping it on before bed won’t steal the kid’s sleep, and the parents will thank you!

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              The Nightshift Worker

              Christmas presents for a nightshift worker

              For those who work irregular shifts or at night, sleep disruption is inevitable. We've carefully selected a few products to manage sleep that your friend will thank you for.

              If they haven’t already gotten a pair of blue light glasses, the DayMax glasses are essential for eye protection when working with screens during night shifts.

              Night workers often have to sleep during the day. Falling asleep during daylight is challenging because exposure to the sun suppresses melatonin production. Our Nightfall glasses are crafted for this problem -blocking blue light from all sources; they encourage melatonin production. 

              The Blackout Sleep Mask (100% blue light blocking) is another tool to fall asleep for which your friend will thank you. 

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                The Biohacker

                Biohacker must-have Christmas presents

                We all have a friend obsessed with optimising health, well-being, and performance. Light therapy, sleep quality, and eye protection are things they’ve certainly tried -be sure to ask them so you don’t get something they already have!

                First, if they haven't already bought one, a pair of daytime and blue and green light blocking glasses is a must.

                Next, consider getting them a sleep lamp. A high-quality sleep lamp won’t look great by their bed; the multiple settings will allow your biohacker friend to fine-tune their environment to match different day and night moods. 

                A red light therapy panel is also a good idea. It will help them achieve their goal of improved health and performance. This full-body panel uses multi-wave technology to improve circadian rhythms, rejuvenate skin, and increase energy levels.

                Lastly, your friend will thank you for full-spectrum light bulbs. You can be 100% certain your gift won’t be wasted, because it just takes 5 minutes to replace regular bulbs with these. BioLight bulbs produce a full spectrum, similar to the sun’s. They offer the sun’s benefits inside the home -positive mood and increased energy. In contrast, traditional bulbs are mainly blue light and have none of these benefits.

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                To sum it up, give your loved ones the gift of wellness with BlockBlueLight this holiday season. Our carefully curated gift guide has been compiled with a year of research to cater to individual lifestyles -you can be sure your loved ones won’t be disappointed.Act now to take advantage of the sales while they last! 

                Wishing you holidays filled with brightness, joy, and the invaluable gift of wellness!