What Is The Best Color Light For Reading And Studying

What Is The Best Color Light For Reading And Studying

If you find yourself reading and studying a lot, or simply in front of the computer for long periods - you need to take care of your eye health.

You might find that you start developing digital eye strain or just regular eye strain from reading and studying in the wrong conditions for your eye health.

This article breaks down the fundamentals of eye health for the best reading and studying conditions to keep your eyes healthy and happy.

What Is The Best Color Light For Reading And Studying During The Daytime?

It is best to study and read in natural light during the day, and protect yourself from artificial blue light sources if using technology such as laptops, computers, tablets, and kindles.

You want to take a few different factors into account when choosing the best color light for reading and studying. Such as if you’re studying and reading during the daytime or during the evening. And it also depends on the modality of studying and reading, for example, if you are using a paperback book, or a piece of technology that emits LED light wavelengths such as a laptop, tablet, or kindle.

read in natural light

It is best to read and study in natural light during the daytime, irrespective of if you are using a paperback book or technology. Because natural light emits natural blue light wavelengths that promote alertness and also can enhance your ability to focus on performance-based tasks that require sustained attention.¹ Natural blue light is extremely important for a healthy functioning biological system.

But there are issues with using technology during the daytime because LED light sources (such as a tablet, kindle, and computer screens) emit artificial blue light wavelengths. Over-exposure to artificial blue light wavelength is known to cause a wide range of emotional, mental, and physical health issues.


The human body works on a circadian rhythm that is regulated by the hormone melatonin. Natural blue light is emitted from the sun, and as the sunlight disappears this triggers the body’s natural levels of melatonin to rise during the evening. This increase of melatonin allows us to feel peaceful, relaxed, and sleepy as we prepare to snuggle down for bedtime and undisturbed sleep.

As the sun rises in the morning the body is triggered into alertness due to the rise in blue light wavelengths and the lowering of melatonin levels, and we wake up ready for the day. Well, some of us are not so ready first thing in the morning - but you get the idea.

Now, artificial LED light sources, such as TV screens, smartphones, lamps, lightbulbs, fluorescent office lights, tablets, kindles, computers, and laptops emit artificial blue-light wavelengths that can affect our body’s natural hormone balance. They confuse the body with artificial blue light wavelengths that disturb the natural rise and fall of melatonin levels.

So even during the day, it’s important to be aware of your exposure to blue light wavelengths and LED light sources. If you are studying during the day using technology then make sure to invest in some blue-light-blocking glasses. You can find our recommendations on the Best Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Daytime use here.

Our Clear Blue Light Glasses are made using unique ClearBlue Lens Technology that filters out 50% of blue light at 455nm, and across the entire spectrum from 400nm-500nm. Our blue light glasses are proudly amongst the highest and most efficient protection that you can currently get on the market.

Ensuring that your blue light glasses are made by a reputable brand that has researched the requirements for effective blue light glasses is important to ensure your eyes are adequately protected. You can be sure that our range of Clear Anti-Blue Light Glasses are providing full protection as they protect your eyes from 455nm blue light wavelengths which are the peak wavelength emitted from technology.

If you suffer from migraines or headaches, then be sure to check out the Day Max Taylor Glasses With Yellow Lenses. There are a few different beautiful models of yellow lens glasses in the Block Light Blue Day Time Glasses range.

Yellow lenses are perfect for daytime use if you are overly sensitive to light, suffer from migraines, headaches, or prefer higher daytime protection. They offer more protection than clear lenses, are specially formulated to block 100% artificial blue light, and help to reduce light sensitivity.


What Is The Best Color Light For Reading And Studying During The Nighttime?

Amber light and red light from Blue Light Blocking Lightbulbs are the best color lights for reading and studying at nighttime because they don’t affect your circadian rhythm or disrupt hormone balance. If you are reading from a printed book then amber or red light bulbs that are formulated to block blue light will suffice.

But if you are reading from an LED light-emitting device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, kindle, or smartphone then it’s important to wear blue-light-blocking glasses too.

Clinical research shows that when reading on a light-emitting device before bedtime that participants didn’t feel as relaxed or sleepy, took longer to fall asleep, and were impaired and less alert the morning after, in comparison to reading a printed book.² The LED light-emitting devices were also emitting blue light wavelengths which disrupted melatonin hormone balance.

They noticed in the study that melatonin levels were not as high, including the circadian rhythm being affected. The research shows that it is important to protect yourself from blue light wavelengths during the day, but also especially after the sunsets. Blue light wavelengths emitted from LED lights can disrupt your hormone balance, sleep pattern, and other natural biological function by preventing the natural increase of melatonin that should happen in the evening.

Red Lens Anti-Blue Light Glasses and Red Light Bulbs that block blue light are the most effective to use at night time because they block blue light and green light wavelengths. Green wavelengths are not often talked about but they are just as important in terms of disrupting normal hormonal patterns that can have a variety of negative health effects (the same as blue light wavelengths).

If you aren’t keen on the decreased visibility of  Red Lens Anti-Blue Light Glasses and Red Light Bulbs then Amber Lens Anti-Blue Light Glasses and Amber Light Bulbs are a much better option for you. However, amber-lens blue-blocking glasses and blue-blocking amber light bulbs do not hold as much protection as the red options available.


Best Light For Study Room

It is best to have ambient lighting in your study room when reading and studying during the evening and ensure that your study lamp uses a Blue Light Blocking Light Bulb.

If you are looking for a suitable reading lamp then here are some great options for you:

NoBlue Amber Sleep Lamp

To keep melatonin production and secretion at healthy levels, you want to make sure that you have the right light in your study room. The NoBlue Amber Sleep Lamp is a great option for reading light. 

amber lamp

This ambient light table lamp offers full 100% blue light protection and comes with a handy flexible gooseneck to allow for position control. The soft light is gentle on the eyes whilst still offering good visibility, and full spectrum blue light protection. 

NoBlue Amber Book Light

This flicker-free task lamp offers a warm light that blocks 100% of blue light wavelengths, whilst also boasting a handy clip to attach itself to the top of a printed book, tablet, or kindle. The NoBlue Amber Book Light is the perfect light source for evening studying when you want to keep the lighting in a controlled area. Especially handy if you are reading in bed, and sharing the room with a partner.

amber book light

Sweet Dreams Sleep Light Bulbs

The warm light from Sweet Dreams Sleep Light Bulbs are perfect for evening studying and reading. Warm light is much better for evening reading than white light which projects a bright glare. Bright light and bulbs which do not specifically block blue light should be avoided during the evening. These light bulbs are versatile, offering full blue light protection and can be switched into your favorite desk lamp, or even better - replace all of the lights within your home to ensure minimal exposure to harmful artificial blue light sources.

amber light bulb

Twilight Red Light Sleep Lamp

The Twilight Red Light Sleep Lamp offers the highest protection due to blocking both blue light and green light. If you are looking for a light color that can truly enhance your ability to study without disturbing your health, then this is the best option for you.

red light lamp

The Twilight Red Light Sleep Lamp can be used as a desk lamp, table lamp, or even a bedside lamp. The LED light bulb is flicker-free, offers a low EMF (electromagnetic field), and offers a warm orange / red color temperature.

Twilight Red Light Bulb

The Twilight Red Light Bulb is handy to replace the ceiling light bulb in your bedroom, but it may also suit your study room if you don’t mind exploring different colors. This LED bulb can also be installed into your favorite table lamp, reading lamp, or bedside lamp to block blue light wavelengths and green light wavelengths simultaneously. 

red light bulb


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