Flickering Lights Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

Flickering Lights Health Risks and How to Avoid Them

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One of the biggest advancements in lighting technology is LED light. The use of LED lighting has become extremely popular in our society. However, most of us are unaware of the fact that LED screens and light bulbs emit flickering light. The invisible flickering light emitted is harmful for us and can negatively impact our wellbeing and cause undesirable health symptoms.

In this article we explain what flickering light is and why it is harmful for your health. We will also guide you through our range of products that are specifically manufactured and designed to use special flickering free technology. That way you can feel reassured that you are using flickering free light bulbs and LED lights which do not compromise your health and overall wellbeing.


What is LED flickering light?

Flickering light means a constant fluctuation of light emitted which can be found all over society, including our home. LED screens like televisions and digital screens, as well as LED light bulbs emit harmful flickering light. There are two types of flickering light, visible and invisible.

Visible flickering light can be seen by the naked eye at a frequency range of 100 hertz. While any flickering light above 100 hertz cannot be detected by the naked eye. Therefore, you won’t even notice the harmful invisible flicker. Just because we cannot see it with our eyes, we shouldn’t underestimate it’s damaging effects. The invisible flickering light emitted from LED screens and light bulbs is actually the one we should be concerned about the most.


Is LED Flickering dangerous for your health?

Flickering light bulbs and LED flickering emitted from digital screens can cause numerous health problems and undesired health effects. Studies have shown that flickering light has detrimental effects and can invoke measurable physiological changes.

When exposed to flickering light, your eyes have to rapidly adjust to changing light output emitted. This strains the eye muscles and prolonged exposure can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced visual task performance
  • Neurological problems

Exposure to flickering light has also been associated with triggers of epileptic seizures. Even though flicker is harmful for our health as reflected by studies, unfortunately there is not much awareness on this matter.


Should you be concerned about flickering lights?

Your eyes are exposed to artificial light all the time. Whether you’re at home, visiting the doctor’s office, shopping at the mall or supermarket, and working at your office, we’re all exposed to it! You can imagine the impact LED lights have on our eyes and overall health over prolonged exposure.

People who spend a long time at the office often report headaches, eye strain, fatigue and dizziness. These symptoms might be the result of prolonged exposure to flickering light from LED screens and lighting installed at your office. In certain industrial settings, LED flicker can also lead to performance issues and accidents at work.

Children are even more vulnerable and susceptible to these health hazards. In our developed technological society, they are exposed to LEDs in schools, homes, malls and everywhere else. Studying and reading for long hours under LED lights with high flicker can trigger eyesight problems in kids. The same applies for teenagers and young adults who spend a significant amount of time reading and preparing for their exams.

As you can see, flickering lights shouldn’t be taken lightly and further studies need to be done to continue learning about the undesirable effects on our health. To avoid developing symptoms and health risks associated with the emission of flickering light, we invite you to have a look at our wide selection of products which are completely flicker free.


Flicker free light bulbs and other products

All of our products have been specifically created to produce zero flicker. The below selection of flicker free light bulbs and other products are ideal for you if you want to minimize the risks associated with flickering light exposure.


 SweetDreams Sleep Lights

blue blocking light bulbs

A flicker free light bulb with a warm amber colour. It’s bright enough to light a room and produces zero flickering light. This product has also been verified to emit zero blue light just like all of our products.


Twilight Red Light Bulb

Twilight Red Light Bulb

Twilight bedtime bulbs are perfect before going to bed and also during night. This flicker free light bulb emits a red-light spectrum which creates a relaxing and chill atmosphere. Twilight Red Light Bulb produces zero flicker and is fully blue and green light free.


BioLight Range | Downlight - Full Spectrum Light

full spectrum downlight

This is the most advanced technology and the first Day to Night Full Spectrum light bulb in the world! As with all of our lighting products, the BioLight™ range is low EMF and flicker free. You can switch between three modes to ensure that you have optimal lighting all day and night.


Book Lights

Our NoBlue Amber Book Light and Twilight Red Light Book Light are perfect for you if you like to read in bed. Apart from being flicker free lights, they do not emit blue light to prevent melatonin disruption. The Twilight Red Light also protects your eyes from green light. Both book lights can be adjusted to the exact position you want, and you can also amend brightness settings.


    Motion Night Lights

    NoBlue Motion Night Light

    The motion activated night lights emit zero flickering light. Rest assured that your sleep won’t be disrupted as these motion lights don’t emit disturbing blue light either. If you wake up to go to the bathroom at night, or need to check up on your little one, our motion lights are ideal for you. You can leave them on all night or use their automatic sensory setting.


    Red Light LED Torch

    The BlockBlueLight Twilight Torch is a really cool tool which you must have in your tool kit. This torch is flicker free and it allows you to easily navigate in the dark without disrupting your sleep quality. Our BlockBlueLight Torch has nine bright LEDs and is free from both blue light and green light.


    Sleep Lamps

    Twilight Red Light Sleep Lamp

    Both the NoBlue Amber Sleep Lamp and the Twilight Red Light Lamp are non flickering lights. Their design is similar to our book lights, but much bigger in size. These are also blue free light lamps which can be used either as a bedside lamp, desk lamp, or table lamp. You can adjust the brightness to three different levels. So you can also leave them on at night using the low brightness setting.


    Final thoughts on flickering light bulbs and LED Screens

    Common LED lighting can be found in most homes and most of us are unaware of this harmful exposure since the most dangerous flicker light is invisible. LED lights flash on and off at an extremely high speed and even though it’s not visible, your brain can pick up on this flicker.

    People report having LED light headaches amongst other symptoms like sleep disruption, neurological issues, eye strain, fatigue and blurred vision. If you suffer from low concentration, this could also be a result of flickering lights in your room from various sources like digital screens and light bulbs. As you can see, LED Screens and conventional LED bulbs are harmful for us. All of our lighting products are different from the conventional LED lighting.

    All of BlockBlueLight's lighting products are extensively researched, designed, and specifically created to remove these harmful aspects of LED lighting. You can avoid the frustration and negative side effects of flickering lights by choosing from our wide selection of products. All our products provide flicker free lighting and can be conveniently used at your home to ensure optimal health.